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About me

My Name is Yoanna Salazar Rondon,

I am 39 years old. Kindergarten teacher and Life coach. 

I am a proud mother and my kid is my sun!

 Whenever i feel sad, we all do, i look at him and think get up, get dressed someone is looking!

I was born in Venezuela South America. I have been living abroad for 10 years; the most challenging 10 years of my life!

Learning a new language:From speaking a perfect spanish to a beginner level of danish was very frustrating. I couldn´t express myself as i was used to. Hard work and patience pays off.

​Trying to fit in a culture very different than mine:

 I think  that the most important is to accept that you are a mix, your home country is a big part of you, but you will also realize that living abroad makes you different than the people you left behind in your country.

Becoming a mother in another country: Women from all over the world will agree with me that this is such a big experience. It just changes your life, your body, your way of seeing life. It is joyfull but it is also hard very hard. Becoming a mother in another country will not make it easier!​

​Living in a multicultural relationship: when you move to your partners country. You are not in the same stage. You have to start all over. This can be very challenging for both parts but always remember that even if you are in another country LOVE is letting the other grow, feeling appreciated and being yourself no matter what!

Expat Coaching ​can help you to deal with culture shock, language barriers and the challenges you will face while living abroad. If deciding to move back home after years of being an expat, expat coaching can help you overcome the feelings of being a foreigner in your own country.​

Offer: are you four or more?

If you are in groups of four or more, you will recieve a special offer of price, for your time with me.

Offer is available until december 2017

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